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Redlands Lifestyle Family Photos | Sweet Audrey is 3 Months Old!

Given how crazy life has been and that we had our rushed relaunch of the website with the last 5 years disappearing. (Don’t get me started on the stress level) I am a bit behind on blogging some of my favorite sessions that have been going on over here. Today I am sharing the sweet Audrey’s 3 month photos that we did in her home, along side her mama. I love working with families as their story continues, especially when that means watching their baby grow up! Audrey has changed so much already in just 3 months, her hair turned red, her curious personality is shining and you can already see the spark of her precocious spirit behind those stunning blue eyes. I am already anxious for her 6 month session later this month! There were so many great shots from the morning, but I decided to share just a few of my favorites. đŸ˜‰ Happy Saturday and enjoy!
I love all of Audrey’s ADORABLE facial expressions! I cannot get enough!

Our amazing community here in Redlands allows for some great lifestyle family photos. I look forward to expanding more in 2016 and beyond to continue working with my amazing clients and getting back into some traveling for sessions. So watch for some travel dates to be released soon!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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