Thankful for the Best Year Ever

2015 has by far been the best year to date. I am so thankful for the life Charlie and I have worked so hard to build, things are falling into place and after years we have turned the page into the next chapter. Charlie is done with medical school and in residency. I could seriously gush about how happy I am that chapter is closed, for DAYS… So I won’t bore you. Lets just say that I am so thrilled that he matched to his #1 choice and is now almost 50% done with his first year of his anesthesia program. Our children are thriving in school, home and with one another. As rough as the transition is to go from zero to one, the shift from one child to two? Anyone who knows Karis will agree, she is busy busy busy! Now Lukas is keeping up with her and doesn’t miss a step. I love watching them become best friends.

How oh how did I get so lucky?

This year we did a handprint tracing and cutting activity (great for toddlers!) and this pretty much sums up our life right now. I’ll just add our awesome travel opportunities this year and of course this amazing job. You guys, this year has been beyond my dreams and I cannot wait for 2016. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Have a fabulous and safe Thanksgiving!




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