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Hello December

It is officially my favorite time of year. I never was big on Christmas until I had these little munchkins, now I literally cannot contain my excitement over celebrating with my family. So given that Charlie started another rough rotation this morning, we decided to deck the halls this past weekend… especially since the kids wake up at 5am now so we could fit it all in into one day. This year was more thrilling given that Karis is so much more involved in the process, planning out snacks for Santa’s reindeer and ensuring that there is always hot cocoa.
Shuffelin Christmas 2015 | Katie Schoepflin Photography01
Shuffelin Christmas 2015 | Katie Schoepflin Photography01-3Shuffelin Christmas 2015 | Katie Schoepflin Photography01-4

Shuffelin Christmas 2015 | Katie Schoepflin Photography01-2
I’m excited to share some of our favorite traditions, decorations and family time activities this month! Just as soon as I can get through this mountain of editing. 😉


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