Baby Reid Michael made his debut March 10th and he could not be more perfect! I cannot get over how adorable he is and what a pro snuggle bug he is already! Here is a little preview of how I spent my morning. AH!

I’m over here at home just counting down the days until Baby P makes her (or his) debut! Taryn and TJ are waiting to find out if baby is a boy or girl and I am so so excited to meet baby! Taryn you are positively radiant! I can’t wait to see you holding your […]

She is 4! Stop time please! Here are a two of my favorites from her birthday photo shoot in Redlands. More to come but these are two of my favorite from the scans that came back today. 

Finally got to meet these two sweet new arrivals yesterday! I have had the honor of photographing quite a few teeny tiny babies over the past five years, but twins? A first and I could definitely get used to double the cuteness! These two are beyond adorable and I love capturing the priceless sibling bond. […]

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you all are having a great holiday with your loved ones! I am so excited to announce this year’s photo contest winners. For the first time we have a tie for second place, so we have 4 winners this year! First place goes to the adorable Sofia Q! With her first […]

This is by far one of my favorite sessions of 2015! Few things are better than a sun-filled family photo session with an amazing homemade teepee, adorable stuffed monkey, loving parents and grandparents and an Anthropolgie bench. So much perfection! I always love meeting my clients at  Prospect Park here in Redlands, there are so […]

I cannot believe that this amazing year is coming to a close. I can honestly say that 2015 has been the best year of our lives and all of you have been a big factor in that. I am blessed to not only know but also work with so many fabulous people who bring joy […]

When you husband has been working nonstop during the holiday season, him having the day off to join us for our annual Disney Christmas day is pretty much the best thing ever! Mickey waffles, Eeyore and Pooh joining us for a little chat, Lukas getting shy but then getting a mini game of hide-and-seek with Peter […]

One of the best parts of the season is taking so many wonderful fall family photos. My weekends have been filled with so many happy people, excited for the holiday season and making memories together. Audrey is growing up so fast! It was time for her 6 month photos and I am so thankful that […]

I am loving all of these Christmas tree farm family photo sessions this year. New favorite setting by far! I have found a new excitement for the holidays now that I have kids. I just love watching children light up with all the special family outings, activities and memories. This adorable local farm in Redlands, […]

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