Can I just say that I am beyond excited for tomorrow??? Tomorrow is the first day of October, which is my favorite month! I officially can begin the holiday decorating in the house, I have 2 amazing weddings this next month, an exciting workshop in Arizona, my Anthro¬†bow boots come out (I’m never going to […]

To my wonderful parents, Happy Anniversary! Through the paths that your lives have taken you, 13 years ago you found one another and our family was established. I love you both so much and am grateful to have such an example of a hard-working and loving marriage that puts the other before your own needs […]

I really love taking the kids to our local parks. We run, play I Spy, and have magical adventures. But I really love when I have a few shots left on a roll of film after a session and Karis and Lukas agree to let me take a few photos of them. Happy photographer mommy […]

I don’t even know where to begin to describe¬†how incredibly special and magical this wedding celebration was, there are not enough words. I have known the stunning bride for the majority of my life and she has been one of the dearest friends over the 20+ years. Mindy is hilarious, sweet, loving and genuine as […]

Hello and Happy September! I am seriously so thankful you are here! What was going to be an October rebrand got moved up after my previous hosting site lost my entire site for the second time in less than year. I realized that not only was the last 4 years of posts gone but I […]

This week was a big one in the Schoepflin home, both Karis and Lukas started school! Karis is now in an all week primary class and Lukas will be gone two mornings a week making friends in his toddler class. Yes, you read correctly, I, Katie Schoepflin will have two mornings a week without kids! […]

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